The 3Q - 7 Filter Block IIR EQ

3Q Overview

3Q is using the same advanced algorithms as the axisplugins Track EQ, but with a fixed number of 7 filters. Choose from traditional filters like hi/low pass, hi/low shelf and parametric. Each filter offers a range of parameters for adjustment.

3Q's versatility does not end with the selection of filters it offers. Place your filter where desired by dragging directly in the filter graph or by using real-rotary-controls. Make precise changes to your filter's parameters using the plus/minus controls. Enable or disable filters on the fly. Of course, only enabled filters use your processing power.

Two workspaces allow you to create and compare changes to your 3Q to zero in on the ideal settings for your mix. Boost or cut your signal by +/- 24 dB. Save and load settings that will be available to you in any host. 3Q supports sampling rates up to 192kHz.

Available formats and platforms are Audio Unit (AU), RTAS, VST, VST3 for Apple OS X 32bit/64bit and RTAS, VST, VST3 for Windows PC 32bit/64bit.

The base facts are: 7 individual filter blocks. Available filters are hi/low pass, hi/low shelf and 3 parametric. Full mute for one filter block or a group of filter blocks together. Automation for all Digital Audio Workstations. FFT Analysis and Spectrograph Display before or after the processed signal.

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